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Taylore Primrose

Pretty much from day one this course changed my entire life. It’s been one of the best experiences of my entire life. I am an acupuncturist and part of the reason I took this course was to help other people as well. I’ve just started to integrate Subconscious Imprinting a bit more in my practice and the results I’ve gotten so far are just fu**ing mind-blowing. If you have an opportunity to take anything from these two, do it. Please do it.

Leah tabitha

I’ve been to Tony Robbins, Marshall Sylver and Niurka (personal development is my thing). And I think I grew more through The Empowered Healers Academy and my experience with the ladies in it than I have in anything else in my entire life.

kim lyle

I can’t say enough amazing things about Kelsey and Vanessa and what they have created with the Empowered Healers Academy. I signed up not really knowing what to expect but just knew that I had to and that it would change my life. And it has. Not only has it brought my acupuncture practice to a whole new level, it has also brought tremendous awareness to my own life. Honestly, this academy is life changing...


As a graduate of The Empowered Healears Academy I must say  I finally feel whole. Until now I got so many diplomas, and no matter how much information there was it never felt enough or complete. Something was missing.This course is practical, based on direct experience, where your soul finally alignes with the mind and the body. You learn to accept yourself the way you are, having the most amazing teachers Vanessa Groshong and Kelsey Eigler to support you more than you could ever imagine on your journey. There is no judging, no wrong or right, no hard feelings. The Empowered Healing Academy is where you will feel at home, where you will learn to speak your truth, love,trust and accept yourself unconditionally, and also let go of everything that doesn’t serves you any longer.

Love and Gratitude to my healers and The Empowered Healers Academy

jennifer langridge

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to be vulnerable and wanting rapid change in their career and life. Every cell in my body is so grateful that I enrolled in this program.

sarah gregory

The Empowered Healers Academy has truly changed my life in the best way possible. This program is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before.

It feels like Kelsey & Vanessa shook me up and dumped my soul into a massive, expansive bucket of love and gratitude. As a nurse, I initially did NOT classify myself as a healer.

chelsea oryniak

Subconscious imprinting is the missing puzzle piece I had been searching for for a while for both myself as well as my career. The deep level of personal healing and growth I recieved during my time throughout this course is mind blowing. Not to mention my clients have had  great result as soon as just one session. Words cannot even fully describe how amazing their training is.

ashley valliere

I’ve done a lot of continued education and loved it, but the Subconscious Imprinting course has actually changed my life. The results from taking this course go beyond learning a skill that will help with treating clients.

leah pickett

As a graduate of the SIT program, I can confidently say that this program has changed my life on a level that I didn’t expect. I knew it was profound and ground breaking but I didn’t realize just how earth shifting and reality shattering it would be for me. I walked into Empowered Healers Academy as a newly divorced, stay at home mom trying to find my way, and walked out an educated healer with enough confidence in my abilities to practice this healing modality that I immediately began attracting the right clients for me and building my business! I would shout it from every rooftop, if you’re even slightly curious, there is a reason; listen to that little voice! I did and it was the best  move I’ve ever made! From the bottom of my now healed heart thank you to Kelsey and Vanessa who started as my teachers and ended as my family!

pamela wagil

The Empowered Healers Academy is making huge waves amongst lightworkers. Training them to expand knowledge, widen perceptions and create massive shifts in the healing realm. Highly recommend all of their work. 

Kristen Aschenbrenner

Kelsey and Vanessa are mindblowingly AMAZING! This is a review from someone with a heavy dose of skepticism, who was constantly floored by what came up for me, and how much shifting them could impact my sense of being.

nicole broadhurst

As a registered acupuncturist and TCMD I am so beyond thankful that this program and academy was formed. Going through the SIT Beta 1.0 program helped me not only professionally, but personally as well. Kelsey and Vanessa have created a program that is for anyone wanting to shift where they are at and how they have been going about things, and for anyone wanting to gain lifelong tools to help create what they truly desire and uncreate what has been holding them back or blocking them.