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Subconscious imprinting technique is easily described as reprogramming limiting beliefs, behaviours, or patterns that are negatively affecting your life and well-being. Similar to an acupuncture treatment or a massage session, you can expect to discuss what brings you in during your initial appointment. The practitioner may do some muscle testing to uncover the root causes of what you’re experiencing. Then, the session will include various clearing statements to help you acknowledge and then release those subconscious blockages.

Here’s a short video if you prefer to listen:

What Is Subconscious Imprinting Technique?

The body does not forget repressed emotions and when triggered, can bring up all the original trauma. It is the reason for 99% of continued treatments of chronic ailments. That belief is stored in the subconscious mind and creates that reality. Many of your behaviours are learned from a very young age and those behaviours are situated in the subconscious mind, which creates your reality. As a result, if you have undesirable behaviours, beliefs or memories, you can reprogram the mind and uncreate everything that is no longer serving you and create your new reality. For that reason, subconscious imprinting technique was designed to do exactly that – reprogram what is limiting you.

Scientific Research show repressed emotions relate to:

  • autoimmune diseasesSubconscious Imprinting Technique
  • heart disease
  • ulcers
  • IBS
  • and many more

Symptoms that can related to this:

  • feeling easily triggered
  • constant conflict or turmoil
  • financial friction
  • difficulty saying no
  • chronic pain, anxiety or illness
  • feeling obligated when it doesn’t feel right
  • feeling lost or not knowing your truth


The 4 Steps of S.I.T.

  1. Reason: Your practitioner will get clarity on your reason for SIT and what you expect to achieve
  2. Reveal: find the root cause for your disease or disharmony through muscle testing and conversation
  3. Reprogram: you will be guided through a process to uncover the patterns that are limiting you and replace them in the subconscious mind with new ones (it’s almost like doing a software upgrade on your subconscious mind)
  4. Restore: you’ll be restored to your pure or “original” state of consciousness and energetic baggage will be released leaving your physical life to unfold positive changes

Typically 1 session results is massive changes, but the recommendation is for a 4 sessions minimum.

Finding A Certified SIT Practitioner

Learn Subconscious Imprinting Technique

So it may seem daunting to learn a new method of healing, or to be a new healer, for that matter. First of all, if you are unsure about becoming SIT certified or a healer, you maybe interested in “How To Become A Healer“. If you’re already a holistic practitioner, you likely already understand the power of moving energy around the body and mind to create balance and harmony. Another way to learn subconscious imprinting technique is to go for multiple sessions with a certified practitioner. You will likely notice some patterns. Likewise, if you want to fast track yourself to certification simply use the link below to get more information:


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