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How to become a healer starts with finding out what type of healer you are. Being a healer comes naturally to some people, but we all have the ability within so anyone can learn. Once we determine what type of healer you are, we can move onto what steps you need to take to reach that goal. It’s easier than you might think.

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What Type Of Healer Are You?

Everything in the known universe is made of energetic particles including our physical bodies, our thoughts and our emotions. Therefore, we use our conscious thoughts and the energy within us and move it around, share it, absorb it, remove it, etc. This is the basis of being a holistic practitioner – you’re basically an energy pusher and/or puller.

A few examples of different healing modalities are:

  • Faith
  • Reiki
  • Quantum
  • Quantum-Touch
  • Self
  • EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Visualization

Our Double H Hypothesis – there’s 2 types of holistic practitioners:

  1. The conscious healer
    • The person who consciously decides “I want to be a shaman” or “I want to help people” and wants to make a career out of it.
  2. The reluctant healer
    • People that deny being a healer, but have been through hell and back (addiction, abuse, trauma, etc) but keep going and keep showing up. It’s almost like all the crap they went through, was an initiation to become a healer.
Your story could be the key that unlocks someone else's prison.

How To Become A Healer

There’s a big stigma around what people THINK a healer should look like (see the photo to the right), and it’s not necessarily true. You don’t have to wear a mala to heal, you don’t have to have a certain style or subscribe to a certain stereotype.

Types of people that can heal are mothers, fathers, business owners, leaders, someone that just wants to help people. Are you sensitive to others around you? Do you have a natural passion for helping others? Did you click onto this webpage to see if you’re a healer? Then pay attention to your intuition and realize that you ARE a healer. Don’t know what type of healing you should practice? Check out our Subconscious Imprinting Technique training here =>


How To Become A Healer – 3 Steps to Take

  1. Heal yourself. It all starts with healing yourself and this is one of the biggest things we teach in our certified training. It’s all about creating balance within which can be achieved through subconscious imprinting, meditation, and exercise. Of course, life is continuously happening to us and will continue to throw us out of balance. This is why knowing how to remove those emotional blocks, memories and traumas are so important to being an empowered healer.
  2. Find a modality you’d like to study and an academy that certifies you in it. For most modalities, you can expect is an average study time of 2 years with an average tuition of $1000-$10000 depending on the type of certification or diploma provided. With our intensive program you only study for 6 weeks, tuition is a fraction of the cost and you will be a certified badass, holistic healer.
  3. Practice. Surround yourself with other therapists and practitioners, learn from them and share your experiences. Do healing exchanges if you need to practice on each other for more experience (did you know, we provide this in our SIT program?).

Ultimately, it comes down to listening to your awareness. When you think about being a healer, does your body give you any signals? Then it might be telling you that you’re made to do this.

Afraid to take the leap into becoming a healer? Download the first 2 chapters of this ebook for FREE to see if being a healer and making money from it is for you.

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Benefits of Being Certified

Aside from helping others and yourself, being Subconscious Imprinting Technique certified comes with this benefits:

  • You’ll be able to have a rewarding career that lets you make a difference in the world
  • You can work a flexible schedule that allows you to determine when and where you work
  • Freedom to travel whenever you want and take your work with you
  • Ability to build a loyal clients base all over the world
  • You may choose to be listed on the Healer Hub Directory so people can find you
  • You’ll have more credentials as a certified S.I.T. practitioner and healer
  • You can learn from our expertise and experience in the healing industry


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