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Simply put, the spiritual meaning of pain in body parts is that you’re likely holding on to or repressing past emotions, memories, traumas or events that do not serve your highest good. You’ll want to first understand that the body stores emotions, memories and traumas in the body. These are stored in the body as energy which can manifest into a variety of ailments.

If you’re in a rush, watch this video about emotions stored in the body that caused back pain and other problems:

Spiritual Meaning Of Pain In Body Parts – 3 Main Reasons

Reason #1 – Trapped Emotion

As you can see in the video above, when Kim’s client released her trapped emotions, she was suddenly able to speak her truth and release her back pain after only 1 session of subconscious imprinting technique! So you see, chronic back pain, or skin conditions, etc, can be simply linked to repressed emotions.

The client was reluctant to go back to those emotions (thankfully she did open up), but that shows us how important it is to acknowledge our emotions, because otherwise how can we let it go?


Reason #2 – Trapped Memory or Beliefspiritual meaning of pain in body parts

Memories that have been trapped in the body can manifest themselves in many different ways, just as the other reasons for pain in the body. For example, one of our clients had a repressed memory about a family member which resulted in hyper-emotional responses to speaking both privately and publicly. Once we were able to uncover the memory, we released it and rewrote the behaviour and suddenly she was hooked on doing karaoke. She even took up standup with her guitar!


Reason #3 – Trapped Trauma or Event

Fear of going on date, or to a social setting can trigger anxiety for many people. Perhaps you’ve gone on a date and knew immediately that the person was not for you, but you sat through it for 2+ hours. That event could simply be rewritten by owning your emotions, feelings, beliefs in that situation and simply getting up and walking away from the date. Easier said than done, yes. BUT with the help of a certified S.I.T. practitioner, it could be a reality for you so that you can own your life and live authentically.


Overall, if you resist, the pain will persist. In addition to these 3 spiritual meanings of pain in the body, these things can also be passed down from previous generations. For example. if your parents or grandparents had a similar symptom, the pain you’re experiencing could actually be theirs! Not to worry, subconscious imprinting technique can trace the origins, uncover, release and heal it. Find out more about S.I.T. here.


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