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Why Do I Get Mental Blocks: How to Remove Mental Blocks.

Firstly, what is a mental block? Well, it’s basically exactly like it sounds. It’s a seemingly invisible force that is preventing you from efficiently thinking, remembering or taking an action.

I had a client recently who was having a massive mental block. She’s a musician and very versed in restringing and tuning guitars. The problem was, she was suddenly having this weird mental block, causing her to forget how to restring her guitar. As a result, she’d get angry and throw her tools and then feel guilty after.

This thing she LOVED doing (working on guitars and playing music) soon became a point of stress.

I will tell you the rest of her story in a moment, but for now, it’s important to acknowledge that suddenly forgetting how to do something you’re very versed in can be classified as a mental block. Missing or forgetting childhood memories from age 2-8 can also be considered a mental block.

Are you aware that limited memory can actually be a result of your body being in a state of stress?

Maybe you chalk up memory issues to “getting older” or “doing too many things at once”, yet from a physical and physiological stand point, high levels of stress have actually been shown to reduce memory. 

So what causes stress in the body? We teach about two types of stress:

Physical and Emotional Stress.

A physical stress is as simple as a bop to the head – literally causing the brain to become injured and therefore losing memory.

Has anyone told you your hormones are out of whack? You might think hormonal imbalances are a physical stress, but the reality is, they’re often because of emotional stress.

Emotional stress can actually change the hormonal functions of your body. Anger is an amazing example of this. Anger has been widely studied and shown to cause increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, physical pain (often in temples, hips, rib cage, jaw), memory loss, lower levels of fertility, digestive disturbances, lung weakness and sleep disruptions.

So how do hormones get out of balance? Without getting too into the scientific weeds, here’s what you need to know:

We have something in our body called an HPA axis. In short, its job is to move us out of our “I’m chill, oh-so-chill” state and into “I’M RUNNING FROM A BEAR!!” state. It’s one of the greatest most intricate human designs that protects us when in danger.

The PROBLEM is, it’s often activated due to emotional stressors, flooding your body with the same hormones required for you to escape a bear.

This chemical response in our body is detrimental when experienced long term – we are designed to be able to have surges of hormones in order to literally run away from a bear, or deal with moments of intensity, but you are not physically designed to experience long term states of these chemical/hormonal reactions (you can only run from the bear for so long, you know!).

The problem with emotional stressors is that they’re silent, “hidden” widely over looked.

Here’s what it can look like:

The client I spoke about earlier had experienced a very intense betrayal several years prior to being in my office. Her husband, who also happened to be her companies bookkeeper and financial handler, was having an affair.

He also, as it turned out, also drove them into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt on her business line of credit, causing her company to go under and her having to claim bankruptcy.

Let’s just say, it wasn’t her year!

This time in her life was truly devastating. An obvious emotional stressor, right?

The problem though, was that she couldn’t let it go. She held onto it, becoming more bitter, resentful and emotionally hardened as time went on. 10 years had passed by, and here she was in my office.

She hadn’t dated since him, she let her business aspirations go and she openly admitted she had massive trust issues (with good reason).

So what’s this got to do with loss of memory, you ask?

Well, the commitment to being angry requires a lot of adrenaline and cortisol – the same chemical reaction required to escape a bear.

Again, when you’re body is in this state, it doesn’t require memory – it’s focus is to escape.

Here’s what’s interesting though:

I asked her, “Do you often think to yourself, ‘How could I be so stupid? For trusting him?’”

Her response? “Are you in my head? ALL the time. I say this all. the. time”.

Boom. There it is.

Not only was the mental block of restringing her guitar a chemical mental block… It was also manifested from her constantly asking the question of, “How could I be so stupid?

We uncovered this story and the emotional stressors using Subconscious Imprinting Technique, and since that one session, she’s gone on to date again, restring her guitars, and allow herself to experience true joy.

So, what are mental blocks?

Well, it’s a long story, but essentially, they’re a seemingly invisible force that is preventing you from efficiently thinking, remembering or taking an action – often rooted in repressed emotions.

The good news? If you have a mental block, it’s actually quite simple to remove! All you have to do is uncover the repressed emotion contributing to it!

If you want help discovering what’s contributing to your mental block, visit www.empoweredhealersacademy.com